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Following on from last weeks blog, "Tips on Living a Minimalist Lifestyle" as promised we have put together a list of tips on how to declutter different areas of your home. As always, we are all about easing into living a more mindful and conscious life, so take your time, pick a couple of things and just keep doing the best you can beautiful. Don't ever underestimate what a huge impact your small steps are making, keep going <3



  • Pick out anything you haven’t worn in a year and donate it or sell it. Don’t throw it away! For any items that are not suitable for sale or giving away, drop them in to your local mechanic, they are always after rags to use in their workshop!
  • Sell or donate anything that doesn’t fit. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t belong in your closet! I know, I know, we are all guilty of having those, “one day I will fit back into those jeans/dress/shorts…” but it’s time for those things to go girlfriend! Those clothes can be taking up over half of your wardrobe space and will most likely sit on your shelf for years to come collecting dust.
  • Decide how many clothes you really need. No, not how many clothes do you want sistas, this is how many do you actually need? Do you really need 10 pairs of tights, when you only work out 3-5 days a week? Keep your basics and get rid of the rest that is just taking up valuable space inside your closet.
  • After you decide, keep only enough coat hangers to accommodate the amount of clothes you need. Keep a couple of extra spare, but don’t go overboard. You don’t need 100….
  • Shoes!!!!! Probably every women’s worst offending item! Decide what you really need and donate or sell the rest. You honestly don’t need 25 pairs of shoes (trust us)…. Only keep shoes you will actually wear! If you don’t dress up, don’t keep 5 pairs of heels, ladies!
  • Ok I’m pretty sure every female has an overflowing drawer full of unused underwear because you just live in your favourites right?! You only need enough for one week.. ok and maybe a few extra for date night ;)


  • Throw out any chipped or cracked dishes. If it’s broken, it’s time for it to go….
  • Keep 1 or 2 mugs per person and a couple extras for company. You really don’t need 100 coffee mugs. One will do the trick. It will wash, after all.
  • Sell or donate any appliances you don’t use.
  • Throw out duplicates. We really don’t need four sets of measuring cups or any other cups for that matter!
  • Clean out the pantry. It’s time to toss expired food and make some meals out of what you’ve got left.


  • Ok this is probably the least favourite room to attack right?! Get rid of anything your kids don’t play with weekly. Get the kids involved and talk to them about giving their old toys away to kids that need them more. This can be a great learning experience for your kids.
  • Toss anything that is broken.
  • Donate or sell any toys that don’t make the cut.
  • When you purchase, buy quality, not quantity. Something that will outlast your child and bless another child once yours has outgrown it.
  • Stuffed animals - Aghh where to start?! Kids really don’t need 20 teddy’s and a thousands sets of lego! Make a limit and stick with it. 


  • Keep only what you use and donate the rest. Don’t keep a bunch of extras. If you don’t use it and love it, give it to someone who will.
  • Only keep necessities on hand. Make up an adequate first aid kit and get rid of anything excess.
  • Hair dryers, curling irons, straightening irons. If you don’t use them, donate them. If you do, one will suffice.
  • Make up - If you don’t use it, toss it. If it’s ancient, probably time to replace it. All natural is so in babes. Time to ditch the chemicals!



  • Time to sort through all those old movie and CD collections. If they hold sentimental value, ditch all the plastic cases and store them in one case. This will free up so much room in your tv cabinet! Go one step further and digitize your music and movies! If you put it all on your computer, it will take up even less actual space.
  • Donate books you don’t love or need to use anymore. Start using your local library, you can borrow books and that way they can be used over and over again.
  • Clean out your TV cabinet and cupboards and decrease your knick knacks. Time to declutter. The energy will immediately shift when you get rid of all these old items just hanging around collecting dust.


Remember it’s a work in progress, don’t try and do everything in one day. Aim to do one area of the house a week and take it slow.

If you’d like us to share any other tips with you on any other areas of your life, be sure to let us know! We love all things eco and natural, mindfulness and conscious parenting and much more so if you love all these things to, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter.

Big love <3

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