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About Us


ONE MISSION – we make soul food so you can feed your soul

If you are after 'diet' food - you are in the wrong place!
We believe in nourishing your body, mind, soul and planet with 
Ingredients straight from our mumma Earth 
Yep, the only thing dirty around here is the dirt our ingredients are grown in.
Feed your soul the ultimate sweet treats that are bursting with high vibration and LOVE
Have you tasted the Soulfull difference? Trust us, you will never buy another packet cake mix again!

Stay home and get baked with Soulfull Tribe


Meet our maker Ange

Lover of all things….sweet!

Passionate about the Planet and feeding my S.O.U.L.

I think the older we get, the more apparent the meaning of time becomes.
'the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole'
It’s time to stop spending our lifetime obsessing over the latest 'health foods' and just eat real food that’s really good!

Life is too short for skinny fat, zero taste fake foods. Live a life of zero forks and just eat the damn cake! But make sure it’s damn delicious! We are Soulfull Tribe and we make SOUL food so you can come home to your body and feed your soul!

It's such a VIBE!