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About Us


we are on a sweet mission 

“Your soul is the power and source of who you are. Feed it well”

Our soul mission is to make the world a sweeter place by helping time poor conscious beings nourish your soul with life changing make at home mixes.

hello sweet souls

What if you could have it all? Fresh baked soul food that tasted like you've made it from scratch but didn't have to spend hours in the kitchen? Nourishing and wholesome without the nasty ingredients no-one can pronounce. What if it was possible for health food to taste good? To buy a cake from an eco conscious packet that tasted like the real thing....
only better? Well I'm here to tell you it is!
Reclaim your time, your kitchen (without the mess!) and your taste buds with our life changing, nourishing and totally-to-die-for soul food mixes.


Stay home and get baked with Soulfull Tribe

It's SOUL good!


Meet our maker Ange

Lover of all things….sweet!

Passionate about the Planet and feeding my S.O.U.L.

I think the older we get, the more apparent the meaning of time becomes.
It’s time to stop spending our lifetime obsessing over the latest 'health foods' and just eat real food that’s really good!

Life is too short for skinny fat, zero taste fake foods. Live a life of zero forks and just eat the damn cake. But make sure it’s delicious!

We are Soulfull Tribe and we make food for your SOUL.

Happy Baking <3