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So what on earth is conscious consumerism?

Well before we get into that, let’s just get one thing straight. None of us are perfect. We are allowed to be eco warriors and forget our keep cups sometimes. We are allowed to eat healthy and still eat all the chocolate and real sugar and gluten treats when we crave them occasionally. We are allowed to be plant based and still eat non plant based meals when our bodies need that.
Let’s just drop the labels and expectations shall we? We’re not supposed to spend this one lifetime a complete and utter misery guts of guilt and massive FOMO because we have to lock ourselves in a cupboard to stick to our identified ‘label’ for fear of stuffing up! It’s this all or nothing approach that sees us give up and feel like failures. It’s this same approach that is going to see the demise of our Planet. Please don’t ever underestimate what impact your small efforts are making. There is no Plan-et B, so how about we just try our hardest to make good choices for her most of the time.
Great, so now we have that out of the way and applaud your more gentle approach to sustainable change.. let’s get right down to business and explore what the most hot topics in the eco world are right now!

A conscious consumer is an agent of change who considers the social, environmental, ecological, and political impact of their purchasing decisions. 


Every purchase you make is an opportunity to “vote with your dollar” for the world you want to see. It’s pretty simple really. If you don’t like what a company is doing, you can stop buying their products and this will send them a giant message and may even encourage them to change their practices. There has been a big emergence of more socially responsible, more conscious businesses around the world (like our baby, Soulfull Tribe!) and we think it’s a welcome trend.
Making a series of small, ethical purchasing decisions while boycotting companies’ unsustainable business practices mightn’t change the world overnight, but it’s certainly going to help!
Responsible consumerism promotes sustainable farming and other eco-friendly ways of making products, as well as creating only the amount that’s needed. It’s all about having the intention of helping to balance some of the negative impacts that consumerism has on the planet.
The most important thing is to start, no matter how small step, just make a change where you feel you can make a difference.

Here are three things you can consider as you set out on your journey of becoming a more conscious consumer.

1. Drop the ‘all or nothing’ approach. Small and steady wins the race.

We’ve said it before, but let’s just all stop trying to be perfect. It’s ok to not make the most ethical and sustainable choices ALL the time. Just commit to making better choices over time. Every small step towards living a more sustainable life makes a HUGE difference to our World! We’ve got some great tips on our blog for taking small eco steps like ditching plastic straws for reusable ones, using a reusable coffee cup and investing in some super soul FULL bags.
Remember small changes are more sustainable that than making drastic changes suddenly and giving up completely when you slip up.

2. Know your values. Let this influence your buying behaviour.

A great place to start is to begin questioning the brands you’re buying from. Are they supporting sustainable and eco-friendly practices? How are the products produced? Where are the products produced?  Are they contributing to the communities in which they operate? What does the brand stand for? Is the company environmentally responsible?
It is up to us to be the change. To boycott brands still using conventional business models, operating systems and decision structures based on a very limited appreciation of the massive environmental and social pressures facing our world.
We also need to get clear on our own values and  the way we make consumption choices. It’s time to get conscious of the impact of the products we are purchasing. Do we really need 20 pairs of skinny leg jeans? Probs not..
As a consumer, WE hold the responsibility to be conscious of the products we buy, use and dispose of.

3. Support business making change

It's so fab to see conscious businesses popping up all over the place, helping to benefit local communities socially, environmentally and economically. These businesses make it a priority to use responsible sourcing and manufacturing to create their products. It’s more important than ever for brands to be vigilant about their business practices to keep this planet clean for future generations. Purchasing from eco-friendly businesses is a great way to lower our environmental impact. When more people buy these locally made eco-products, these businesses will become stronger, and in turn, the products will become more accessible.

At the end of the day, businesses aren’t going to change unless WE, the consumers demand that change. And to achieve significant change, we need to influence it through our informed choices as consumers. Every small action we do every day, makes a HUGE difference.

With love, on our own eco journey,
The Soulfull Tribe Team.


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